Storybooks School is a privately-owned school serving students from birth through 5 years old. We have established ten Houses (classrooms) for the different age groups of the children enrolled in our program.

Every child in our program is loved by every teacher; we love them like they are our own. Each house is unique, providing a comfortable home setting designed to be spacious and filled with warm light, providing an environment in which each child can feel like part of a family unit.

In deciding when to transition students, we consider each child’s development in the following areas: social/emotional, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, and language. These criteria provide our children not only with an appealing environment, but also daily educational discoveries. Transitions are based on the whole child, not just by age.


Children learn best and in the most natural way through a Montessori approach that is based on self-directed activities, hands-on learning, and cooperative play. We provide interactive, experiential activities through teacher interaction and self-guided, age-appropriate play opportunities.

A child’s learning should focus on their experiences rather than on results. Our program focuses on reinforcing the process of learning while recognizing and celebrating each child’s efforts and determination.

At Storybooks, our children are provided a safe, secure, healthy, and loving environment in which to learn and develop. In our environment, children learn to become independent and successful, to creatively solve problems, and to confidently express their ideas and feelings by being inspired rather than instructed.

Play is a critical factor in all facets of a young child’s development. Developmentally appropriate practices, along with differentiated learning opportunities, ensure that our children are continually engaged and intellectually challenged. These include a combination of active outdoor play, imaginative games, independent discovery, direct instruction, and group activities.

Qualified, professional, and nurturing teachers are the cornerstone of a child’s success. Recruiting and retaining exceptional teachers depends on exemplary hiring practices, ongoing quality, professional training experiences, constructive developmental coaching, and availability of resources and materials for teaching.

Children benefit from an inclusive and diverse environment where they are accepted and treated with dignity and respect, and with the uniqueness of each child being acknowledged and celebrated. A partnership between school and parents in which there is clear and open communication, mutual respect, and collaboration regarding a child’s challenges, successes, and strengths provides the most beneficial learning environment for children.

“The greatest development is achieved during the first years of life, and therefore it is then that the greatest care should be taken.” – Marie Montessori


Learning begins with relationships between students, teachers, and their environment. Our teachers promote hands-on learning by creating experiences that allow students to interact with their environment. Every house and outside experience is created to help children master specific skills. At Storybooks School, students are active participants in our way of teaching.

Our environment is carefully designed to be enriching, offering robust resources to develop children in the following areas: cognitive, speech, language, fine and gross motor skills, including social and emotional stages, and the study of diversified cultural histories and celebrations.

Montessori age-appropriate designed materials are used to carefully craft meaningful learning experiences that lay active foundations, based on skill level, on which children can create abstract ideas at their own pace, repeating each exercise until it is mastered.

Mother's Care House

(The Nursery/ MC1/MC2/Little Stars)

Six Weeks to 20 Months

For many first-time parents, the thought of taking your newborn baby to school is overwhelming. Rest assured that our established loving, safe, and clean environment with experienced teachers will help you and your baby through the process. Throughout your baby’s adventure, we will be there every step of the way to answer questions, communicate with you about your baby’s progress, and provide the most loving, nurturing environment you can imagine. The infant starts creating a solid foundation for optimum development and growth, building one skill upon another.

Mother’s Care House is divided into these four independent units by each infant development stage. Storybooks also introduces and makes extensive use of American Sign Language (ASL).

About The Mother's Care Houses

  • The Nursery unit is for the youngest babies who are not yet mobile.
  • MC1 unit is for babies who are crawling, pulling themselves up, and taking those first tentative steps.
  • MC2 and Little Stars units are for the young toddler stage, babies from 12 months to 20 months.

Nursery/MC1 (Birth to 12 months)

Teachers’ one-to-one interactions are opportunities to connect and stimulate healthy brain development. Holding, soothing, establishing eye contact, playing, singing, talking, and responding vocally all help create an engaging and nurturing experience for your infant. The nursery provides the following:

  • Consistent and frequent communication with parents. Teachers send home daily reports describing your child’s eating, sleeping, diapering, and daily activities.
  • Our high-quality early care and education begins with the use of our curriculum. Our youngest children are provided weekly learning plans which incorporate the classical Montessori methods of learning and exploration while instilling new skills in the process.
  • Infants use all five senses to explore their world; we provide a way for your baby to develop and grow by building on their senses and skills, laying a solid foundation for optimum development.
  • Children explore and learn through all their senses even before they can crawl. Storybooks encourages this learning by providing new opportunities for our children to touch, taste, smell, grab, and listen to the world around them in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • We place utmost importance on the cleanliness and safety of our Infant Program. Each toy is sanitized when a child is through playing with it.
  • We strive to make it easy for parents to bring their newborns to school. All you need to provide are your baby’s bottles, infant food, and a few changes of clothing for those messier days. There is also a dedicated space separate from where the babies play for parents to leave car seats each morning.
  • Each baby has his or her own cubby basket in which to keep extra clothes, pacifiers, or other personal items.

We look forward to nurturing your infant and helping your little one develop into a young toddler.

MC2/Little Stars (12 months to 20 months)

Moving from an infant program to a toddler program can be particularly challenging for a young child. Our Young Toddler Program eases this transition by offering extra space and time for children who are beginning to toddle, walk, and gain independent feeding skills, allowing these older babies grow and thrive.

In the Young Toddler Program, there is also more structure to the daily schedule. There is a routine and schedule that allows for meal time, nap time, circle time, outdoor play, and buggy rides. Storybooks School provides these young toddlers the opportunity for closely supervised independence.

Young toddlers are all about exploring their environment. They are becoming more independent and are so proud of themselves as they accomplish each new task!

We take pride in helping your baby develop into an adventurous toddler.

Imagination House/Radiance House (18 months to 30 months

Looking in on our Toddler Program, you can feel the energy and excitement of these wide-eyed children. You can hear the excitement in their voices as they begin to ask questions, describe what they see, and express their own perceptions of the world around them. They are constantly on the move, exploring and learning through play at every turn.

Storybooks School offers them independence while providing structure to ensure they keep growing and developing by leaps and bounds. They can be found focusing on colors, numbers, and sign language as well as singing songs. Weekly, theme-based learning plans meet the diverse needs of every child through varied activities. Language development accelerates during this period. These toddlers are building strong relationship bonds with their friends and teachers through their own eagerness to grow.

The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say, "The children are now working as if I did not exist." - Marie Montessori

Learning House/ Creative Minds House (2 & 3 Year Olds)

Two-year-olds turning three may want to do everything by themselves. And why not? It is their way of experimenting and learning to understand the world. At Storybooks School, we embrace the child’s need to learn, encouraging the development of character traits like honesty, compassion, and generosity. Our children develop a greater awareness of others, expanding their world beyond “me”.

Our children are excited to arrive at school; they begin to feel comfortable saying bye-bye to Mom or Dad; they are eager to see their friends. With their increased attention span, they are using toys for their intended purposes; they want to spend longer amounts of time playing and exploring rather than bouncing around from activity to activity. These students have a sense of routine, learning to enjoy predictability, and fondly anticipating that they will have music and art each day. They seek new challenges, and we are happy to provide them with many opportunities to learn through play. Weekly, theme-based learning plans meet individualized needs through various activities. The child’s rapidly emerging interests and abilities are stimulated and challenged in a consistent-yet-changing environment which offers many opportunities for early literacy, pre-mathematics, scientific investigations, and imaginative play.

One of the most important life skills that we work on in this classroom is potty training! Often an intimidating process for new parents, we make it our goal to ease you through this process and bring success to your child when he or she is ready to follow the implemented guidelines.

Ms. Sandy’s House (3 – 4 year old)

Early preschool students are passionate in all they do! Their speech is intelligible; they are quick to reiterate a phrase from their teacher or imitate a situation they witnessed. In a conversation with an early preschool student, you are never quite sure what is going to come out of their mouths. What delightful honesty and curiosity!

Our Early Preschool Program is ideal for busy parents who want their child to experience a rich variety of activities. At Storybooks School, there is a significant change—the introduction of a reading program in which students are no longer just practicing their phonics, but engaging fully in the curriculum.

These students are eager to learn and excited to share their new knowledge in in reading, writing, math, science, history, art, and music! They love creating their own games and engaging in imaginative play. In our program, which suits the needs of any young learner, there is real joy in learning!

Never help a child with a task at which the child feels he/she can succeed. - Marie Montessori

Pure Brilliance

The Prekindergarten Programs at Storybooks School are where our young students are intrinsically motivated to explore and learn more about the world. This group starts participating in our Accelerated Reading Program and delving into into our Phonetic Readers. They are starting to think logically, and can use language to effectively express their thinking.

While these children are still dependent upon on the adults in their lives for some things, they are extremely proud to show off all the things they can do by themselves.

To engage and nurture your child, we provide a balance of freedom and instruction. Our early childhood education classroom is designed as a learning community where your child not only builds skills vital to success in kindergarten, but also gains respect for others, along with a strong sense of confidence.

Rather than asking children to memorize facts, Storybooks School introduces and reinforces new information through multi-sensory learning experiences that encourage discovery through playful exploration, investigation, questioning, direct instruction, and discussion.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) STEM-inspired classrooms provide materials and experiences to critical thinkers and problem-solvers. The children develop the fundamentals of these related subject skills within large groups, small groups, and childrens' choice settings. Content is learned through investigation, play, and focused intentional teaching. Our computer lab program, Ignite by Hatch, assists in the daily assessment of all our students' academic and Spanish daily learning progress. We feel this program is well-suited to our pre-kindergarten classes, helping to prepare them for their next big step—kindergarten!